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Lung Cancer

  •  State of Lung Cancer Report 
    On November 17th the American Lung Association’s signature report that shows how the toll of lung cancer varies by state, "State of Lung Cancer" was released. Examining rates of new cases, survival, early diagnosis, surgical treatment, lack of treatment, and screening, this report finds states can do more to protect their residents from lung cancer. New this year are disparities in lung cancer burden by racial and ethnic groups at the state and national levels. Check out the report on the Lung Association’s website:
  • The American Lung Association is a wealth of information for providers and other stakeholders. Recently, The American Lung Association held their first ever Lung Cancer Patient Virtual Meetup on Nov 10, 2020. Below are the sessions and the recordings available via YouTube.

The Pennsylvania Cancer Coalition (PCC) is a group of disparate public health professionals, clinicians, citizens and other stakeholders committed to reducing the burden of cancer in Pennsylvania.  Anyone can participate in the PCC by lending their expertise on cancer control. Most members have a background and/or interest in supporting programs and policy that address cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship; some are even survivors themselves.

Want to learn more about the PCC?  Visit us on the web and check out the about us page at:  You’ll also find information on our workgroups and subcommittees, as well as, the by laws that govern how we interact with one another. 

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