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November is National Diabetes Prevention Month

November is National Diabetes Prevention Month

Those with type 2 diabetes may be 2 times more likely to develop liver or pancreatic cancer. There’s also increased risk for other cancers including breast, colon and bladder cancer.

 One reason is that cancer cells feed off sugar and this buildup of blood sugar is exactly what cancer cells are waiting for! Cancer and diabetes share some risk factors too and some of these risk factors can be managed. Here’s just a few of the risk factors for both illnesses:

  • Age—as we age our risk for both illnesses increases
  • Gender—cancer occurs more often in men overall and men have a slightly higher risk of diabetes than women
  • Race/Ethnicity—some racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to get cancer such as African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics/Latinos
  • Obesity—diabetes and certain types of cancer can be increased by being overweight
  • Tobacco Use—we know that smoking is linked to several cancers and some research suggests that smoking is a risk factor in the development of type 2 diabetes

There are more risks too, including alcohol consumption and inactivity. Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health to find out more. There’s a link to the CDC where you can take a risk test and find a diabetes program in Pennsylvania. Here’s the link:

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