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Clinical Management of Hereditary Cancer

Clinical Management of Hereditary Cancer

The needs of people with hereditary cancer may be different than those whose cancer is not hereditary.  There may be a need for additional follow-up care, resources, and support. It is important for providers to be prepared to discuss with their patients how clinical management may change for an inherited cancer syndrome.  

Please join us Tuesday, February 22, 2022 from 12:00-1:00PM EST for this webinar to learn more clinical management guidelines for inherited cancer and how providers can support their patients with their cancer management. See the webinar flyer for more details. The webinar will cover the following objectives:

1. Identify factors that indicate a person is at increased risk for hereditary cancer.

2. Describe clinical management guidelines for common inherited cancer syndromes including hereditary breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and Lynch syndromes.

3. Discuss with a patient who has a hereditary cancer syndrome how the diagnosis changes their clinical management, the value of adhering to management guidelines, and the importance of sharing information about the diagnosis with at-risk relatives.

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