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Tobacco Websites

How Smoking Impacts Your Eye Health

This resource provides information on how smoking impacts eye health, including resulting symptoms, diseases, and tips on preventing vision loss. 

2021 U.S. PSTF Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

This resource offers recommendations made by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force on lung cancer screenings for adults ages 50-80 years with a 20-pack year smoking history.

Lung Cancer Training

Shared Decision Making in Lung Cancer Screening

This training offers modules on shared decision-making about lung cancer screening and includes modules on assessing eligibility for screening and tobacco treatment, using a decision support tool, and more. 

Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Training

Increasing Parental Acceptance of HPV Vaccination (1.0 CEU)

This resource is a training module geared toward helping dental providers communicate with parents to increase their acceptance of HPV vaccination. 

Employer and Business Resources to Increase Cancer Screenings & Policy Development Strategies for Employers to Promote Screenings

This document offers employers and businesses resources to help them increase cancer screenings among their employees, including model policy guidelines for cancer screenings and a rationale on why they benefit both employers and employees.

Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Guidelines/Recommendations

Pennsylvania Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan

This resource outlines a plan for eliminating viral hepatitis in Pennslvania, including a statewide awareness campaign and increasing access to and knowledge of hepatitis vaccination and treatment.

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The National Radon Action Plan 2021-2025

This resource outlines strategies for eliminating preventable lung cancer in the U.S., including protections for buildings and communities.

Lung Cancer Websites

Pleural Mesothelioma

This resource provides information on pleural mesothelioma, including symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options. The webpage also lists frequently asked questions and shares tips for healthy living to improve an individual's prognosis.

Cancer Research, Clinical Trials, Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Toolkits

RCIs Collaborative to Increase Participation in Clinical Trials

This document offers resources for health care professionals and individuals to encourage increased participation in clinical trials, including strategies on talking to patients and questions for patients to ask their doctors.

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Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Data Resources Fact Sheets

PA-BCCEDP Reach Graphic

This graphic is a map that shows the counties in Pennsylvania where the PA-BCCEDP Reach program was most successful in serving its clients through direct screenings.

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