What You Can Do

All Pennsylvanians have a role in reducing the burden of cancer through prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and support for cancer survivors. Everyone can follow prevention strategies that include maintaining a healthy weight, using sun protection, getting screened according to national guidelines, getting vaccinations such as HPV, testing your home for radon and quitting smoking.

As a public health agency, you can remove barriers to cancer prevention, screening, treatment and support. You can promote linguistic and culturally appropriate education, facilitate screenings through health insurance and improve health care access through community health workers.

As health provider or health care system, you can offer patient navigation for screenings, treatment and survivorship. Other efforts include reminder systems to keep patients current on screenings, assessing risk with family history, connecting patients to clinical trials for continuing research and expanding palliative services.

As a health insurer and policymaker, you can support access and coverage to smoking cessation, nutrition programs, cancer treatment drugs, cancer screenings and immunizations. In addition, you can influence policies to encourage healthy choices and to reduce environmental carcinogens.

As an employer or professional organization, you can offer wellness benefits and support cancer survivors to continue to be successful employees. You can adopt policies to encourage cancer screenings and immunizations and support healthy food choices.