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PA Cancer Control Plan

Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan

The 2023-2033 Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan (Cancer Plan) serves as a blueprint that provides coalition partners and stakeholders with a coordinated framework to guide state cancer efforts to reduce cancer incidence and mortality. Cancer control efforts are aimed at preventing cancer; increasing cancer screening and early diagnosis; promoting equitable access to high-quality diagnostics, treatment and services; and improving the quality of life and support for cancer survivors and caregivers. The Cancer Plan encompasses the entire cancer control continuum of the total population in Pennsylvania from birth to end of life.

Given that certain populations experience an increased cancer burden, the Cancer Plan emphasizes the importance of achieving Health Equity across the cancer continuum.

The Cancer Plan presents an accountable framework for cancer control activities. Cancer registry and surveillance data are used to identify the highest-burden cancers and the populations and/or geographic areas most affected by cancer and cancer risk factors.

Strategies for achieving the Cancer Plan goals are evidence-based in order to achieve long-term and sustainable improvement to public health.

Cancer Plan Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Health Equity

  • OBJECTIVE 1:1 – Reduce cancer-related disparities and risk factors by 2033.
  • OBJECTIVE 1:2 – Increase the number of coalition members who represent underserved populations and communities by 2033.

Goal 2: Prevent Cancer

  • OBJECTIVE 2:1 – Strengthen public protection from environmental carcinogens and cancer risk factors by 2033.
  • OBJECTIVE 2:2 – Increase the vaccination rates for vaccines shown to reduce the risk of cancer.

Goal 3: Screening

  • OBJECTIVE 3:1 – Increase screening for early detection of breast, cervical, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers using recommended national guidelines by 2033.

Goal 4: Diagnosis & Treatment

  • OBJECTIVE 4:1 – Increase the availability of and access to high-quality cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Goal 5: Quality of Life for Survivors

  • OBJECTIVE 5:1 – Improve the quality of life of cancer survivors.

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Contact Information

  • Division of Cancer Prevention and Control

    Pennsylvania Department of Health

    625 Forster Street, 10th Floor 

    Harrisburg, PA 17120


  • RA-DHCAB_PCC@pa.gov