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Cancer Screening & Risk Factors, Liver Newsletters

"Learn the Link": Shining a Light on the Connection Between Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer to Increase Screening, Prevention, and Linkage to Care

This news blurb offers information about a new multi-cultural communications campaign to highlight the link between hepatitis B and liver cancer and encourage higher rates of screening, prevention, and linkage to care.

Cancer Screening & Risk Factors, Liver Toolkits

"Learn the Link" Promotion Outline for Asian/Pacific Islander Communities

This outline offers social media content to promote educational resources for Asian/Pacific Islander communities about the link between hepatitis B and liver cancer.

Breast Cancer, Cancer Screening & Risk Factors, Disparities/Health Equity, Lung Cancer Toolkits

Comprehensive Cancer Control Tip Sheets

This document lists tip sheets that are designed to help comprehensive cancer control programs to update their cancer plans. Each tip sheet focuses on a specific topic.

Access to Care, COVID-19, Disparities/Health Equity Toolkits

Home Test To Treat - Communications Toolkit

This toolkit provides key talking points and communications resources for partners and collaborators about the Home Test To Treat program, which provides access to free COVID-19 and flu telehealth visits and treatment for those who test positive for either condition.

CAB/PCC Quarterly Meetings Videos Webinars

CAB/PCC Quarterly Meeting, December 2023

This meeting covers the PCC Evaluation Report, PA CCCP announcements, and updates regarding Oncology Clinical Trials and the PCC Clinical Trials Collaborative. Watch the recording.

CAB/PCC Quarterly Meetings Reports

2023-2033 Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan

The 2023-2033 Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan provides a framework to guide state cancer efforts to reduce cancer incidence and mortality. Its goals include reducing health disparities and risk factors, increasing screenings and the availability of treatment, and improving the quality of life for survivors.

2023-2033 Pennsylvania Cancer Control Plan
Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Webinars

HPV Vaccine Provider Video Series

The American Cancer Society, in partnership with The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable and the Indiana Immunization Coalition, are launching a six-part provider education virtual series to equip providers with information on the latest HPV vaccination guidelines, science, and implementation strategies to increase vaccination rates. Register here to gain access to the video series.

Cancer Screening & Risk Factors, Chronic Diseases, Colorectal Cancer Training Videos Websites

NACDD Releases New Mailed FIT Online Course

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) has launched an online course to help increase colorectal cancer screening rates in diverse health care settings. The course provides easy-to-access information through videos and covers all phases for designing and implementing a mailed Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) outreach program.

Cancer Research, Cancer Screening & Risk Factors, Disparities/Health Equity, Policy Guidelines/Recommendations

National Cancer Plan 2023

This resource by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Institute provides a framework for greater collaboration among government, organizations, and individuals to reduce the impact of cancer. The plan outlines eight goals and strategies to achieve them while calling upon all parts of society to do their part.

Disparities/Health Equity, Policy Guidelines/Recommendations

Nine Habits of Successful Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions

This resource is a guide to support Comprehensive Cancer Control coalitions and other cancer-related organizations in sustaining successful coalitions. This updated version incorporates health equity principles and examples across all nine habits.