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LGBTQ Websites

National LGBT Cancer Network: Cancer Support

The National LGBT Cancer Network offers free virtual peer-support groups for LGBTQ+ cancer survivors.

LGBTQ Reports

2022 Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment

This report shares findings from a comprehensive assessment of the health and wellness needs of LGBTQ+ communities in Pennsylvania.

Chronic Diseases, Patient Navigation/CHW Websites

A Guide to Making Cancer Care Decisions for Older Adults

This resource offers guidance on making cancer care decisions for older adults who are diagnosed with cancer, including obstacles to keep in mind and long-term care options.

Cancer Awareness Resources, Environment and Cancer, Policy Reports

PSE Change Guide: Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change in Comprehensive Cancer Control

This resource seeks to help Comprehensive Cancer Control programs and coalitions to develop, implement, and evaluate policy, systems, and environmental changes in their communities.

Oral Health, Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Websites

Oral Health Educational Materials

This page from the Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health (PCOH) provides free educational materials on a range of topics related to oral health, including fluoride, tobacco and nicotine, and HPV prevention.

Oral Health, Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Toolkits

Pennsylvania HPV Dental Toolkit

This toolkit from the Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health (PCOH) provides resources to help dental providers educate patients on HPV-related cancers and the importance of the HPV vaccine.

Tobacco Websites

How Smoking Impacts Your Eye Health

This resource provides information on how smoking impacts eye health, including resulting symptoms, diseases, and tips on preventing vision loss. 

2021 U.S. PSTF Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

This resource offers recommendations made by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force on lung cancer screenings for adults ages 50-80 years with a 20-pack year smoking history.

Lung Cancer Training

Shared Decision Making in Lung Cancer Screening

This training offers modules on shared decision-making about lung cancer screening and includes modules on assessing eligibility for screening and tobacco treatment, using a decision support tool, and more. 

Oral Health, Vaccine Preventable Cancers: HPV/HBV Training

Increasing Parental Acceptance of HPV Vaccination (1.0 CEU)

This resource is a training module geared toward helping dental providers communicate with parents to increase their acceptance of HPV vaccination. Take a look at the toolkit to learn more.